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Emerging Leaders

​ The Subcommittee of Kentucky Youth (SKY) unites youth across the state in an effort to advise the Kentucky Juvenile Justice Advisory Board on issues concerning youth. The SKY strengthens the image of youth by encouraging and empowering youth in their educational endeavors and future goals; providing opportunities for the youth of Kentucky to develop leadership skills through service and advocacy.


The mission of the Subcommittee of Kentucky Youth (SKY) is to provide young people with an opportunity to voice their perspectives, ideas and concerns in order to make recommendations to the Juvenile Justice Advisory Board.

Age Requirements:

Members must be between the ages of 14 and 24 at the time of appointment.

Roles and Responsibilities:

The Subcommittee shall consist of no fewer than 10 and no more than 20 members, with at least two JJAB members, two high school students, and two members who have had contact with the juvenile justice system.

Members must exhibit a mature and responsible attitude at times while at the SKY meetings and while representing the committee.

Members will be required to serve on at least one subcommittee, should have no more than two unexcused absences per year and participate in the planning of the Kentucky Spirit of Youth Award.