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The Subcommittee for Equity and Justice for all Youth (SEJAY) is comprised of content experts on the topic of racial and ethnic disparities and juvenile justice; who are responsible for advising the Juvenile Justice Advisory Board (JJAB) that are responsible to address the JJRA 2018 core requirement, Racial and Ethnic Disparities.  Through the identification of needs and promotion of evidence-based strategies, the SEJAY promotes interventions and strategies designed to mitigate or decrease the presence of racial and ethnic disparities found throughout the juvenile justice continuum in Kentucky and within identified local communities.  This subcommittee accomplishes this through the isolation of causes for the presence of racial and ethnic disparities at specified contact points within the juvenile justice system and then proposing evidence-based remedies which can include, but not limited to, prevention, interventions, policy changes and/or system's improvements that are designed to positively alter the rate of  existing  juvenile justice racial and ethnic disparities.